The photo-cycle Former spaces was creating since 2004 until 2012 in Bratislava, Slovakia. These are records images of a disappearing world. I documented them as abandoned, lonesome and neglected, as areas reminiscent of their faded glory. 
I was searching for the places that in humans can induce a feeling of nostalgia and apathy. Each one photographed space has its own story, their own cultural - political context and shared collective memory. 
"Former spaces" are part of permanent collection of City Gallery in Nitra Slovakia. For past years they were presented at many solo and group shows in Slovakia and abroad.
Fine Art Print, 30x40cm, Black and white, Framed

Hotel Kyjev, 2012

Open Air Cinema, Slovak National Gallery, 2009

Open Air Cinema, Slovak National Gallery, 2009

Grössling spa, 2012

Slovak National Gallery, Extension, 2008

Open Air Cinema Hviezda, 2008

Swimming pool Central, 2004

Crossing border point, Slovakia - Hungary, 2011

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