“Warnings from the Stage” is a visual and sociological analysis of stages in cultural houses, TV studios and zoo gardens. It defines the stage as a means of spreading political ideology and it sets the question whether there is possible to feel the symbol of the previous regime on an empty stage and in an empty auditorium. It considers the stage a space for simulation of social phenomena and reality. And finally, also shows also my personal / intimate stage as the hypertrophy of her own memory. The photography work consists of eight large-size photographs which are presented together with the site spefic wall photo settings. 
"Warnings from the Stage" was presented for the first time in Bratislava, Slovakia, and later in Ljubljana and Luxembourg as a part of the European Month of Photography within the group exhibition "DistUrbances" in 2012. 
Digital photography,150x100 cm, light boxes 50x40cm

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